And we’re off on our big Ireland / UK Road Trip! Addam had the idea to kick off our trip with a bang so rather than taking a flight from Fayetteville to Chicago we are journeying via car and train to meet our flight connection. We’re taking hiking packs instead of suitcases so we can get around a bit easier. (P.S. Addam – I’m still on the fence about this decision.)

Today Addam’s mom Debbie and step dad, Randy, drove us 3.5 hours to Kansas City where we’re spending the night in a hotel and then walking over to the train station to catch an Amtrak to Chicago. There’s no Amtrak trains near Fayetteville… I think KC may be the closest.

We got a hotel for just $99 via Hotwire and it just so happens to be the closest hotel to the train station! When we arrived the station in question was packed with people. It turns out we accidentally stumbled across Celebration at the Station – a memorial day concert. For my Australian readers Memorial Day is very similar to ANZAC day.

This is the view from our hotel room when we arrived around 5pm:

And this is the view at around 9.30pm:

Debbie and Randy are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this weekend so they’ll be spending a few days in KC but to say thank you for driving us over here we got them dinner at Yard House. (One of our fave chain restaurants in America.) This is the half yard beer you can get there:

We took an Uber from our hotel to the restaurant because it was just a *little bit* too far to walk. It was their first time ubering around! I hope you liked it!

A few people have been curious about our road trip and the costs so we’re going to tally up our costs by the day at the end of each post. The only thing we are not going to track is food and drinks… and maybe gas (petrol). The big train ride to Chicago leaves tomorrow at 7.45am. Time to get some sleep! I’ll leave you with a view of the Kansas City skyline.

And in case you know us pretty well – yes we go to Kansas City a lot! It’s truly one of the best cities in America.

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