This morning we had to leave our campsite very early because there was going to be a festival held at our campsite. Out by 9am they said. We left by about 8.00am. This didn’t bother us too much because we were both excited to visit a place that most people only dream about seeing in real life – Stonehenge.

Our campsite was just 2 miles away from Stonehenge itself. We had no idea when we were driving to our campsite that you could see it from the highway. There must always be bad traffic on this stretch of highway because no matter the time of day, cars slowly roll by to get a look at the distant ancient stones.


We sat in the parking lot for a little while as we waiting for the visitors center to open. We had planned originally to just sit in a cafè but just like the Harry Potter Leavesden Studios tour our “timed tickets” were actually just another way to try to stagger the crowds.

We had purchased our tickets for 10am-10.30am but we were one of the first few to enter the site at 9.00am. By 10.00am we were already out of the site and in the museum so there’s some advice for anyone thinking they can’t go to a timed attraction early! (I’m sure the same goes for being a bit late too.)

We hopped on the shuttle bus that took us to the site. Being the first group to visit for the day it was completely desolate except for the stones, the ropes and two staff members. We hurried forward to get the best photos anyone was likely to get that day without hundreds of others in the background. Addam and I took some selfies with our selfie stick and then hundreds of photos of Stonehenge.