Spain was first and foremost a work trip, so we only had a few days to explore the area. Instead of resting we spent our last full day on the road.

Addam can drive a manual so we copied a tour we found online and drove 3 countries in a day.

You might notice the political graffiti on rock faces and buildings. The northeastern side of Spain is called Catalonia.

The people in this region have wanted to secede from Spain for a very long time, and in many ways operate as if they are autonomous. They speak Catalan, which is quite different from Spanish, and fly their own flag.

Our first stop was Bagà, Spain, an old medieval town founded in the 9th century and just 1.5 hours north of Barcelona.

We visited the local church, Sant Esteve de Bagà. Then we walked about the tiny village streets where locals shopped for fresh meats, cheese, bread and vegetables.