I didn’t blog our Iceland trip because I wanted to go off-the-grid and fully embrace the gorgeous wilderness. So instead, I have compiled some of my Facebook posts and photos.

Day 1 – Flying direct from Kansas City to Iceland

I have been so looking forward to this trip! 10 days of hiking in the wilderness, trekking volcanos, swimming in geothermal pools and chasing waterfalls. It is going to be AMAZING!

We arrived in Reykjavik after just 7ish hours! We’re used to flying over 24+ hours to Australia so it felt like a really short hop over to Iceland. I wish more flights could be like that for us.

Shortly after we arrived we picked up our camper van and drove into the capital city, Reykjavík where we ate a little breakfast nook called Bergsson Mathús. Their food was fantastic!

We spent the rest of the day walking around the city and taking in the sights. The main street in Reykjavík is called Laugavegur and it’s where all of the restaurants, bookstores and souvenir stores are located.

Day 2 – Hallgrímskirkja and Brauð & Co.

The next day we continued touring around Reykjavík and visited the architecturally intriguing Lutheran church, Hallgrímskirkja.  At 74.5 metres (244 ft) high, it is the largest church in Iceland and among the tallest structures in the country.

Across the street from the church is the best bakery I think I’ve ever been to in my life. Brauð & Co. regularly has a line of people waiting out the door for their delicious, freshly baked breads and pastries. We didn’t end up purchasing any until the next morning but definitely worth the visit and the wait!

We were only on our second day in Iceland and already Addam had found an opportunity to help some locals! Their car had stalled and they were trying to push it up a driveway so he ran across the street to help them.

(Addam is the one in the red)

We spent another night in Reykjavík and to top off a fantastic day we ate the famous Icelandic hot dogs for dinner. (The same hot dog stand where Anthony Bourdain went for his very first season of No Reservations).